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What happiness is

Happiness is knowing the answers to three questions and remembering them at all times, no matter how good or tough things are.

Sometimes the answers change. This happens when they were answers we were not completely sure about. 

So when we find an answer that suits us a lot better, it replaces the old ones with a feeling of relief and joy. And we live on, knowing and being confident in ourselves, any moment.

The first question is – who are you?

By asking this, we do not mean what your name is, or what culture you may represent. It is the activity you do – as what you do defines you, and vice versa. If you can describe the process of your main action in life, then you know who you are. Saying “I can’t answer this now” or “I need more time” is running away from an answer. There is never a better time than now, as we don’t know when our time runs up. Thus, better soon than sorry.

The second question is – where are you?

Are you at a place that is right for you? Is it the surrounding you’ve always dreamed of? Do you have dear people with you? Can you realize your potential to the fullest where you are?

Saying “yes” to this means you know your place in life, and knowing how to keep that place makes you at home anywhere you go.

The third question is – why are you here?

My SiFu often says, “Life is empty and senseless. Only on you it depends what you fill it with.” We are the ones who create reasons to live. We are the ones to decide whether we just mark another day out of our calendar or go to bed knowing we’ve done something wonderful, extraordinary and memorable for ourselves and people who matter to us.

Living according to these answers does not guarantee an easy life. On the contrary, sometimes there are challenges that seem impossible to overcome at first, and they seem even harder because of our commitments to ourselves. At the same time, our vision of who we are, where we are and why is exactly what carries us on, no matter what the situation is around. Remembering this, we see challenges as new opportunities, unknown things as a way to grow by learning, and many tasks we have everyday fit into one big picture.

Knowing the answers, we become the creators of this picture – and the ones to make it real.

It takes one step at a time, and time is needed. But then,  there is no use postponing things for tomorrow. 

Who are you? Where are you and what for are you living?

If you can answer these questions already, I am wholeheartedly happy for you! As this means you have already done a great job knowing yourself and having your place in life. If not – right now is the best time to get the answers, because always starts from now.

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