четверг, 20 января 2011 г.

In short on the details

What can you get out of bare facts? Some say it gives you a clear view. Some say it helps you understand the content deeper and more objectively, when no impressions get in the way. Some people just try to conceal the fact they like it emotional and insist on draining the facts of their flesh and blood, leaving the skeleton. This reminds me of liking the ice-cream and saying “no” to someone’s offer just out of the good tone.

I say skeletons are the basics. If I were God and wanted to create a man, I’d have to know how to put the bones together. I’d definitely start with the skeleton and then dress it with the muscles and sinews to my liking. But it is the whole man that makes sense, not his bones or meat alone.

Now, meat is a separate thing. It is the juicy part of the body. It is something we eat and thrive on. So, the emotions that come together with the bare facts are like the full anatomy of a human being.

And emotions were my insight of today. We eat meat and throw away the bones. We forget the words and movements but will always remember the emotions someone or something evoked in us. It’s our nature, and doing otherwise is like rape of ourselves.

Why then some people insist on getting the bare details? My answer is – they want the emotion. But they want it for themselves, their own emotion, not the one you’ve been through. And I think it is totally fair. The only experience that is yours is something you’ve been through personally. People have thought up the numerous and endless details to help others get their experience. The thing is, it does not always work. But the pattern has a good record, so people keep going with it.

But most of the time it is good just to have it calm and neart, enjoying a piece of juicy well-prepared meat. Too much spice in life eventually takes its taste away. Feeding on skeletons is the other end of the stick - makes it boring. So I save the extremes for the special occasions and enjoy my everyday meal as I go.

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