воскресенье, 6 февраля 2011 г.

Bringing fears to life

The fact that fear is mere an emotion is easy to prove. You can get a person scared by just saying something that is of importance to him or her, without touching them or leaving the room. Everything happens in our head – it is the power and the weakness of our imagination to project things into our life without a single move.

Emotions bring the heartbeat up and make breathing irregular. Happiness and utter horror are so similar on the level of bodily sensations I wonder if the body itself can always make a difference. That is why we need to know what fear is to understand what feeling elation can cause to us.

The latter, being dubbed as “good,” in reality does no more good than alcohol or antidepressant pills – the larger the quantity, the faster the effect. The thing is, fear seems more threatening than excitedness. This is why we need to get really scared once to understand we are alive and we gotta pull ourselves together, get up our butts and move on, toward the things that take us away from thinking of any fears or passions and lead forward, to balance and clear mind.

Visualization is often named as one of the strongest tools of one’s life-mapping. Think often of something and sooner or later you will get this. However, there is one substantial difference between thinking and living – the latter one is actually happening in reality and giving us the sensations while the former is just bringing the sensations. Do not live in your head. Bring it all to life. You are not what you seem but what you do.

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