вторник, 1 февраля 2011 г.

One ending at a time

"There was a long rumble of sound, and it seemed to him that he was falling down a vast and interminable stairway. And somewhere at the bottom he fell into darkness. That much he knew. He had fallen into darkness. And at the instant he knew, he ceased to know."
Jack London. "Martin Eden"

When something comes to an end, there are two ways to go. One means things will never be the same, and the end is a milestone signifying a new beginning. The other one is the one people take once and for all, and it is called the last journey. In my society, people often confuse them and merge them together. This is how tragedies appear, and this is how people are getting all sorts of psychosomatic disorders.

It does not hurt to take a minute or two and contemplate over any kind of ending we encounter. There was a flow of emotions I could pour, and it gave me a fair amount of inspiration – fine, but if it ceases to exist, meaning I learn to control myself, does it mean I will no longer write? Not at all. This is exactly the end of the old scribbling and first step towards the new beginning. Such endings are made to make people happy as they are like slides that take us fast and forward to the things we want the most but sometimes are scared to ask about. They take us away from the old and unnecessary and carry on to the new and worthy.

Fear is an emotion, thus this kind of end takes care of it as well. And when someone says that only the dead ones do not worry, I know for sure – the two ends have been confused once again, as we can live without jumping out of our skin and still be full of life.

Hail to the ends and new beginnings.

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