вторник, 13 декабря 2011 г.

Giraffed :)

Ever wondered who you are?

I did and still am. I am sure this is not the final answer as I am working on it. But so far I have only one answer. I am a giraffe.

Tell me who is it that intakes things and processes them forever before making a conclusion? Then, as soon as a conclusion is being made, she ponders it and worries if it is the right one, or the best one, or if it is a decision at all?

I used to be just like that a short while ago. Recently it seems things are getting better but still… this makes me a giraffe, and I am not listening to counterarguments.

Or else. I am a hundred per cent sure my decision is right. I know how to do it. I know where to go, what to take, how much and how often. All I need is to just go and do it. Meanwhile I think instead.

Ever witnessed anything similar?

No offense, my self-dubbing is only done figuratively, I respect giraffes for all they are. I just find it interesting how it’s possible to spend so much time and do so little. I called it just that.

Or there are even better cases. I know what to do, and I am ready to act, and I almost act and here… I start worrying or doubting. Whatever you name it, it’s all the same in the core. It’s fears. Yes, those very things that are supposed to stand guard by me, protecting my being from all alien and unnecessary. Some, to give them credit, do exactly this. Some, however, live right here with me and run around unleashed!

Well, this now is hard to call girafeness. This is more of an ostrich’s quality…

The list may be populated with more items. I can go on, and I think you can use for that your own imagination if you wish. To spare everyone the suffering of reading those unnecessary quality descriptions, I say – welcome  to the zoo – and am sure you got me right.

The most awesome thing in this all is that it doesn’t really matter how I call it. Neither how I explain it. Neither whose qualities these indeed might be that I think I take after. Knowing or not knowing the laws of the Universe doesn’t free one from their rule. They just are.

I am who I am already. I know this with my mind, and only my heart is still a bit giraffed.

My soul is fine though. Thus I do not have hopes – I am sure every time things come, it’s the right time.
Just like now when I am writing this.

Things that are to come always come ;)

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