воскресенье, 10 апреля 2011 г.

Becoming who you want to be

What does it take to become who you want to be?

Years in the university? Gives knowledge and experience, if it is a good institution, and helps develop certain skills that will definitely be useful later.

Beauty-care and fitness workout? Shapes the body, helps look good. So that others enjoy looking at us… But seriously, do we believe we strive to look good for others? I doubt, it’s all about feeling good about oneself inside. And once I feel good - my inner state is always transmitted to the ones nearby. People are always connected - the closer they stay, the more they are connected. Thus one more thing to keep in mind - who we choose to be with at all times.

There is also getting a dream job – well, what is a dream job? Can you get a dream job at a company? Yes and no. Yes – for the lucky ones who are born to be wage earners and whose values coincide with the people who gathered in the same company. Which I find quite a task to solve – given the fact that values nowadays are something people put aside like science fiction, with neither remembering them nor considering them to be important of knowing at all. So, for many it is "no" because of the way they are - their creativity makes them be the ones who spread their own values around rather than bend under the ones that do not click.

In the whole, that is all good – school years, mind and body-shaping, and after all earning money is also necessary. But this all has not more to do with who we are than the skies have to do with the birds that fly there. Birds are made to fly – and sky is simply there for them. All that birds have to do is grow up and start flying. Which they all do without questioning.

We ask who we are and what we need to become.

Meanwhile the life goes on.

The answer to that question is simpler than anything one could ever imagine. We already are what we have to be. Beautiful, strong, smart, ever-willing to learn and grow, active and full of energy. All it takes is understanding this, cognizing deeply and – moving on in the direction we are born to. The “moving on” part neither should be a question. Self-discipline is the wisest guide as it is always there for us to use. And self-discupline is something I'll have to delve into some time in the next of my posts.

So, we already are our own best selves. I will keep repeating that, smiling into my mirror, till I deeply and irrevocably believe in it myself, shaping my life – ever fuller, deeper and more and more creative…

Time to make things that have been waiting to be made. Loiter no more – you are what you need, and you got all the time for realizing your own aspirations.

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