понедельник, 25 апреля 2011 г.

The garden

We think we know.

How come we get surprised at so many different things?

We meet people, most of them to pass by, some stay in our souls, or hearts, or only memories… memories are for everyone – I remember a couple of landlords in Provincetown just as I remember some memorable teachers in my music school. It’s a pile of shelves that keeps everything and everyone we see on our way.

Hearts are for emotions. Who if not me knows it better? I’ve been through so many emotional ups and downs and only recently I have learned that taking care of your heart helps emotions settle down. Because this is a place where all the feelings grow and, if nurtured, flourish.

And then there is a separate place, like a hidden garden, of which only some people know. They are not passing by, they see the gate, knock and ask for a permission to come in. They like the gate first – and a part of the garden that is visible to everyone else who is walking by. But only these people get interested – and so they say they would like to come in.

And here comes the most important part. How do I know I want these people in?

The one who is ruled by the shelves, I think, lets a lot of them come in. The garden has no time to recreate itself even though it is able to, in case no one is taking proper care of it. And there would be no time for the garden, the time would go to the visitors.

When the heart starts beating faster, hell seems to turn loose. Thanks heavens it does not beat like that for many people but the few it does – the garden opens the gates widely. See, it is our intrinsic desire to open up for those we get emotionally attached to.

Having seen people walk through my garden without interest made my heart beat even faster – just to leave me all confused and alone in my own garden again in the end.

So then my question came in, what do we know? Whom do I let in? Is it someone who has already been there and feels like returning? I am not sure. My garden is growing and changing. Are you?
But then, my garden is growing… and how do I know who is the right passer-by now I would like to have over? I do not want my precious insides to be touched by people strange to me and at the same time I will not know who they are, screening them with my emotions and memories only.

Soul has to be shared to find soulmates.

The only thing is – we do not know where and when. And I do not know how true the emotions are together with the memories that take in everything that happens – it is just the way the system works.

So the only way I see is – taking it all together and seeing for myself. Heart, memories and soul.

And that is the only way it can be.

Thanks nature gardens live on and flourish many times – as long as there is warmth, wind and water.

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  1. I think that some people should observe the garden through the gate for some time, and then if they prove that they can behave themselves in the garden, they can come in. Of course there are some wrong people who manage to get in, but as you said, gardens can recover :*

  2. About observing - I support your view, there is no need for hurrying ) And I think people don't just come in, you let them in - or not ;) It is all about personal responsibility in all we do... :)

  3. Well, yeah, we are totally responsible for letting people in, but I think every person has made a mistake once (or more times) in their lives, can't deny that :D. But we certainly should be aiming at being more careful and protective of our precious garden and deepest cores of our divine beings.

  4. It's all lessons we're taking - so that we do not make the same mistake twice ;) :* And yeah, precious insides should be kept safe and sound ))))