четверг, 21 апреля 2011 г.


Some people spend their lives searching for something. Some look for others or that one other. Some look for themselves. No matter, what we look for – every and each of us is one. Just one, not alone, not lonely – but a complete one, whole and… separate.

Yes, we are interconnected in so many ways. We are all looking for rapport and mutual understanding, we love being loved and learn to express our love in so many ways. We speak about it, we write about it, we think it many times per day without noticing.

But the truth is – I am one. And you are one. And all the rest are ones. Two can never be one, the most they can do is stay as close as possible. I do not know how come but this differs from the feeling of loneliness as I grew to know it. I stop being lonely as soon as I find a group to belong to or get someone close by me. I can even put a head on someone’s shoulder or sit on someone’s lap, and the loneliness is gone. However, even then I am still one - unsurpassable, incomparable, unique.

Being alone is yet another matter. It just means there are no other people around within the reaching distance. Or you don’t want to phone the ones you know will come if you say you need not being alone any more. But that is also not the same as – being one.

One is a complete universe within. With own rules and principles to abide by, with own wishes and sacred desires. With unrepeatable shapes, outstanding eyes and unique skin odor. No two of us are alike. The very notion of us is implying just being closer with each other than with the rest of the people.

So being one is our destiny, the way we are made to be. One, separate, learning to get along with so many other ones around. Looking for good feelings and interests that coincide at least partially.

However, I do think there is another one who also thinks this way. It already feels better inside, just imagining this. So there has to be something to it. We are perfect in our completeness – all it takes for happiness is realizing it. We are made to be ones. Staying close together is a privilege of being able to make choices… a very happy privilege of the self-aware and consistent throughout.

I am one, you are one, strong, fear-free and sure, we will stay the ones as long as the memory remains.

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