среда, 6 апреля 2011 г.

Feelings that are old

Ever found a song you’ve written some years ago? Tried singing it again, with a new memory and a bigger load behind your shoulders?

I found one. It turned out the feeling is still there – only now I look at it so differently. I sing passion and feel all quiet and soothed inside. It’s a wonderful moment – to pick up your voice to the necessary height, to pronounce every word as if it were precious prayer sounds… because singing your soul is a prayer.

Every feeling we have is either ours or imposed on us. Some years of living made me think all that urges us to create, to improve, carpe diem, is the eternal bouquet of feelings made to last. Whatever calls for destroying, getting rid of, hiding and running away – is utterly unnatural for us. It is not the way for eternal souls created to be, not to come and go. The sole word “being” embraces the whole meaning to the feelings that should be. We are beings, not “goings”. Think of it.

So when many years after you find this old song and its feelings are alive to you after all the new experiences you’ve had – it’s gotta be your feeling in it. Because it did not change. It is like the skies, like breathing and true love – once you realize what and where it is, it stays.

I found one of my songs. All I have to do now is discover the rest and realize which are mine and which have to be forgotten. So the memory goes to the ones that are to stay.

2 комментария:

  1. we need to get you some way to record that wonderful song and share it with the world!
    What we can feel is what makes us who we are...

  2. Thanks for the support, my dear ;)
    You're right, what we are makes us feel.