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How fairy-tales live in reality

There lived a guy and a girl. They liked each other very much and forgot about everything around when they were together. Their fondness of each other grew with every passing moment, and one day, being hundreds of miles away, he offered her to marry him. She got so happy she couldn’t speak and all she could say was ‘mawaw.’ She thought he knew what that ‘mawaw’ meant. She wanted to come back and tell him, eyes to eyes, that yes, she agrees.

Then she had problems, many, different, and at once. With some of them fixed, she went through one of the worst flights in her life. Her planes were rebooked, cancelled, rebooked again and delayed, all within one day, but she made it. The sweet reward of rest was awaiting her. But when they finally met the first thing he told her was that he thought she’d not return to him. It surprised her but she laughed and did not think about this anymore. Some of his jokes hurt earlier. But surprisingly, they did not take the happiness away, it was firm enough. And after all, imperfect as they are, people sometimes say things like this.
She felt even more worn off for she had reasons to worry about him. She never stepped back in front of challenges. She shared a problem that concerned them both. She wanted to fix it, rest, and go on together.

And then because of a ridiculous coincidence she said things she did not mean. All she was saying that moment felt wrong. She wished he shut her up but he was just listening. She remembered him saying he judges people by their deeds, not words. So she hoped he felt and understood that she did not believe herself in what she said, and that she was ashamed of her minute weakness, however lame the excuse of being deadly tired was. But then he said he was hurt and, instead of laughing at the stupid situation, added, there was nothing serious between them.

She did not believe it. That was many times more wrong than what had escaped her lips. And it hurt more than jokes. Love hurts when you lose heart and doubt at least for a second. It takes will and courage to cope with the pain. It seems easier to run but once it’s taken you over it’s too late to run. And you can’t run all the time. There’s enough room and time to sit, think, and do nothing, but not to run forever.

She took a breath and remembered reading fairy-tales when she was a child. With him, she learned fairy-tales exist in real grown-up life. She thought he knew that, too. But you have to believe in fairy-tales so they continue to exist. It is hard to believe because it means to let yourself loose and trust your heart. Now, heart is a part of your body and you know your body is weak, and then it cannot deceive you. Thus when you realize you trust your heart it scares the hell out of you. Believing is something you could do fearlessly when you were a child. Something they warned you not to do when you grow up because it might hurt.

But he said he was a child. Is he?

She had to leave many times but always returned. So she came back as usually but now with a question mark in her eyes. If this is a good fairy-tale, doesn’t it deserve a good ending? How should it be finished and should it be finished at all?..

This is as great as it gets when emotions take over. Controlling oneself helps escape so many things and not let the unnecessary happen. It is only in fairy-tales when things appear with moves of the magic wand. With us, basics are of vital importance. Keeping up the good breath pace helps keep the mind clear. Clear mind gets the body to stay sound. A sound mind in a sound body is a great unity of tools we can use for achieving excellence in all we do. All that it takes is - the incessant will for improvement and constant vigilance for keeping up the self-maintenance at the highest level possible.

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