воскресенье, 3 июля 2011 г.

A night with the rain

It’s been a while since I’ve been to the ocean.

Yesterday I was told I should stop wallowing in the past, live here and right now and look into the future. Tonight’s rain reminded me of the ocean. How can I forget it? And all in all, it is only a thought, a minute dream, a ray of pleasure. What does it matter, if it is from right here or right now or from some time long ago?

Tonight’s rain drops are big and heavy. They fall straight down and resonate with the roof, the ground, and the night becomes silent and filled in with the rain only...

I love falling asleep with the rain outside the open window in the summer. The air in the room is so fresh I feel my skin breathing freely. The sound of the raindrops is so soothing I forget of the things I worry about. After all, this is something I still have to learn – keep my heart free from being worried. The rain helps.

The rain is what makes this summer completely different. My summers started becoming hotter and dryer and last year I used to wake up during the nights because of the sweat rolling down my cheeks. This summer I curl under the warm blanket and dream of the ocean, fireplace and other things that have already been in my head once upon a time and now are returning. The rain is my loyal companion – and it does more than soothing my mind. Its unending sound keeps me in the moment. I keep returning here and now due to the freshness, the rhythm and the feeling of complete freedom.

When we are free, we can fall and be safe and sound. The rain falls just like that – no strings attached, no hurt, no strain. The water then goes back up for the new waterfall from the skies and returns, and falls down incessantly. What are the breaks between the rains for the Universe? The humankind lives on Earth for a few seconds if compared to the age of our Universe created by the Big Bang. What can we say about our own ups and downs compared to that?

We are tiny rain drops – and we still have so much to learn from them. Free fall and the endless rhythm and cycle are just a few things to realize. And a great new start for a new understanding.

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