пятница, 17 июня 2011 г.


Sometimes living is just… sitting. Sitting on the chair, at the table, in front of a very important task that just needs to be done because otherwise it just isn’t possible.

Very few do it consciously – that is, paying attention to what they are doing exactly in those moments and how they are doing it from the physical prospective. Because sitting actually requires quite a lot of efforts.

See for yourself. Sitting with your back straight is better for the body – but inconvenient for the task you are busy with. Because most likely you have to lean for it, keep your hands at the keyboard, bow your head down or do anything else that will strain your back. The more involved you are in the task the less you case about your own back. Paradox – and a fact.

Parents wonder how their kids manage to play games for hours straight. I think they just either move a lot or keep themselves comfortable at all times. Kids lay down on the ground at ease, run around and jump as much as they want. Imagine a grown-up doing the same. “Couldn’t care less” is something most of us leave far back in the childhood and take with us only some memories that keep us warm at times when we need a warm hug or a kiss.

Carelessness obtained a negative connotation in the world of business and corporations. In the world of timings, schedules and strictly purposeful actions not caring is simply forbidden. Carelessness means playing by one’s own rules without any regard for the flock’s impulses whatsoever. The conventional systems run by their own regulations only. Anything that sticks out is potentially dangerous for the set organization and thus needs to be eliminated – or it eliminates itself at own free will, sooner or later.

And one can fit into a system only in two ways – either by completely accepting the instructions and disseminating among the same ones deprived of the inner axis, or manage to break through or go out and around fluently staying complete and consistent – and within own guidelines.

Now, the inner centerline needs to be found and cognized before one can have it as a bearing. Why found? 

Look around. How many people are happy and know what they are doing and why? There you go. Lack of understanding who they are and what they are here for. Therefore, not knowing where to go and only the slightest idea as to what to do. Very rarely we meet people who are self-created, very fine and very together in everything they do. This is a happiness – but a well-deserved one for both those people and the ones who live around them – and a much-labored-for happiness.

For the diamonds sparkle so beautifully because they are hard to get the shine on. You look at one and feel the depth and see the charm of the oldness. The rest is vanity, and for the real person that does not matter at all.

Assitude is merely one of the ways to shape oneself. It means sitting down to do a thing – and getting up only when the thing is finished in the best way possible. If it needs to be redone, the circle goes on till the final result pleases the highest inner standards. If it needs special skills, knowledge or experience, assitude helps gain them as well as anything else we really need to get.

Assitude is not about sitting only. The concept is universal.

Simply put, once started – go on till it is done, and every bit of you went in there.

This is the only way to stay complete.

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