воскресенье, 15 мая 2011 г.


Have you ever seen a baby sitting and wondering about things?

All the babies I've seen are constantly in action. Doing something. When they start stopping and thinking about whether they should do something, I say they've become adults.

Little kids do not hesitate. Neither they wonder about the correctness or wrongness of what they do. And neither they think over what they've done. They pull their mom's hair and put their hands into puddles at will. They put cats into fridges and try what tablecloth tastes like. They learn what happens afterwards and if they feel OK about it they do it again. If not - they leave it and go do something else. Of course, parents are there for them to make sure they do not try things that are dangerous for life. All the rest is learning, even if it is painful like a cat scratch.

With adults learning goes differently. I've heard the one who tells you the truth is your teacher, What do we do if everyone has got their own truths? We trust those who have actually done what they are talking about. Even more - when they keep doing what they talk about.

There is one difference though. Being young we do things ourselves. Growing up we start looking for those whose experience we can trust. Repeating what they say as much as we can, we say we learn from their experience. Some add they learn from their own actions. Some listen only and say they've learned. Getting old means talking only as there is neither will nor power for doing much. If there was no experience prior to talking, the one has simply forgot who he or she is and why they are here in this world. Everything and everyone is for a reason.

Knowing means we can do what we know at any time. Kids know because they do. Who said it changes when we grow up?

Let's stay forever young. Always students. Always babies, in action, learning and moving on.

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