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Slowing down to catch up

Having five tasks going on at once is a happiness of making a choice. This is something a free person can do – decide what to do first, then do the next thing, and so on. Feeling lost when given a choice is a clear sign – the desire of avoiding responsibility equals fear of living the way we want.

And knowing the way we want is one thing. Another thing is standing by it and then actually living that way.

Living the way we want means feeling good and right about everything we do. When our values are valid, we feel how our inner strength grows with every new move we take. Despite the sleepless nights and other payments we make. Realizing everything has its price gives a lot to the smart ones. When you know the price you decide whether you need it and if you can afford it now or later. Ambiguity dissolves and the world is clear and shiny.

In fact, everything has prices. It’s our actions and reactions. Laughing because of feeling so good or when in dire need of relaxation – might look alike to the inexperienced observers but the eyes are more eloquent than it might seem. If you want to know what is going in your life now compared to some time ago – look at your pictures a year in the past and recently. If nothing generally changes you’ll see. Drastic differences show where you are actually moving. It’s all about ups and downs. It’s in our nature – our blood runs that way, our food is processed that way, we breathe in and out moving our chest up and down and so on. It’s all about continuation – once up we should be ready for any downs and once down we go up.

Interestingly, going up is the sweeter at the end the tougher it is at the beginning. Looking from the top of a huge mountain is nothing like stepping on a stub and yet again gazing around. From up there the skies are wide and a lot to be seen. Mountains are for the fears to be found, get acquainted with and made friends with.
So when you are down – it is simple to say and as simple to do – go on. Always up, and always forward. When you are up – look for the new mountains. There will never be enough for the ones who continue. We stop only when we decide to stop – and go on till we wish to go on. It is our intrinsic feature – continuation.

Going on means variety. Learning to be ready for it means a number of baptisms of fire. Getting little burns here and there is a natural process! And no matter what they say, it only adds the beauty and fullness to the person. I have not seen an amazing character without a profound “burning” experience behind their shoulders. The ones who talk about their experience are one step up – and still there is more to it. It’s about doing in the long run as only the things we do stay. Everything that is undone people neither remember not care for.

Variety requires flexibility. Once you learn to drive fast you’ll get the natural longing for slow walk-arounds every once in a while. Even when breathing we control the frequency – deeply when laying on the floor in meditation, fast and light when standing in the fighting stance in the kung fu hall. The effect is the same – but here what matters is how.

Slow or fast – this is usually all the difference.

So when you feel your life is a kaleidoscope I truly believe it is the right time to slow down in order to catch up. There is no need to tailor yourself to the world – we already are in the best shape possible, otherwise we would not fit into the system! Nature is smarter, we cannot outdo our own creators, this is the rule of the world we live in. Thus when in need for speed – just take it easy and… slow down.

Life shows things to the ones who have the time to see. Same goes for hearing, feeling, tasting – and remember so that we know what it is like and map it for ourselves for the days to come.

It’s not about giving things up. It’s about doing right now and now tomorrow.

It’s all about our choice. And I choose and wish you all the same from the bottom of my heart.

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