суббота, 19 марта 2011 г.


The brightest expression of being sincere with yourself is laughter. So I learned to think recently – and something I’ve known for a long time and just came to realize. The greatest feeling is being sincere with the ones who surround you – and the nicest way of doing it is… laughter. This is something we can share with others just like we share food, offices, buses, beds and markets.

See yourself. A joke shows our thoughts and attitude towards those who we communicate with. Someone who is deliberately or subconsciously thinking too high of him or herself, usually gets acid jokes back – and not only from people who see their batmanship but also all the rest. They just respond on a subconscious level. Now think and say there is no connection between people on the levels we yet have to grok. Add the fact that nothing is happening by chance – and you get a series of experiences you get great life lessons from, if you teach yourself to look and see, hear and actually listen. The art of paying attention is always mutual – we get what we give and only in this order. Quite something to think of and learn to pay attention to - and first an foremost, our own selves and people who surround us…

But when laughter is absolutely freely coming from the inside – just let it out, here and now! Think no more, there is no point of thinking about the way you might look, the feeling is just too great to care… when you laugh and the whole room of people roars in laughter with you, this is something I have decided to call the moment of truth. A person cannot lie while laughing. The physical process itself is unique – no emotion resembles laughter, special elements get out into the blood while we laugh, and no other mammal can do so. We possess a truly wonderful ability to express our sincerity in such a contagious way that relaxation fills everyone around up like warm waves of purifying water.

I like bathing. In the sun, water and… laughter. Honesty can be different, though, as well – but honesty with love brings the laughter so precious it stays in our memories and calls for returns.

May we have many more to come ;)

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