понедельник, 28 марта 2011 г.


On a night like this about five years ago I first listened to the ocean. I’ve been to the ocean before that but never listened to it. It is different at night. The waves come and go, and return again in an endless movement without any effort. Their sound is blend into everything that is around – the trees, the glass, the stones. The houses far back and the night lights… This is something I can listen to as long as they say one can watch burning fire. Wet footprints, moonlight, soft breathing in the water, in the air and right at my shoulder. Eternal breathing, calm, rhythmical, all-embracing. I learn from the ocean grokking myself deeper with every new wave...

A few years passed, and tonight I’ve learned why I can listen to the ocean forever. It has no waiting in it. It is a purely human habit – to wait. Waves do not expect, do not think and do not go up and down in feelings. They just come and go. Their sound is the sound of ubiquity that is in everything including me. Perhaps they even listen to me but at the same time they keep coming and going like there is nothing but them in the whole world.

Between now and then, a lot happened. At first I thought changes come and go like waves – and then all of a sudden it dawned at me they stay. Changes just are – like waves. They do not go anywhere… if they turned out to be here, in me, in this place – they stay till new changes come. And their frequency equals that of the waves.

What makes waves move?

At times I think it is the power of the wind. Some other moments I feel it is our thoughts and feelings that make the whole ocean hold up its breath and then stir up huge impressions after what it has heard from us… we ought to learn to breathe like waves. So that they never learn to breathe like we so often do - impetuously, flooded by fears, memories, passions, and desires, which are for most subconcsious and uncontrolled. It is not the surrounding nature who has to remind us about the eternal balance - the higher us has to stand guard by our own selves...

The question of why changes keep coming up like waves then needs no asnwer.

It’s all about the same ocean. It all depends on what we think about, while we do what the waves do - come and go.

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