вторник, 1 марта 2011 г.

Spring embraces

There is no tangible difference between February 28 and March 1 – except that subtle feeling of something grandiose coming my way. It’s like crossing a line between now and then, between past and future and stepping into a moment. It’s like the before and after.

I like it warm and I like it soft and comfortable. But today even the frosty wind could not make me stay inside for the whole day – I found a little bench in a cozy yard, imagined myself curling up on it like a kitty and looked on the sun as much as I could. This is all it takes for a moment of happiness – find a sunny spot, a bit of silence, pause for a while – and catch yourself thinking about the things you want. Dreaming big needs big resources if I really want them to come true. What can be more immense and boundless than the sky? When the sun is out the sky is even more open than ever – and it seems to me it is calling everyone to open up in response, to make the wishes fly and enjoy the flow…

All we need is to look up. Even looking down our feet we might notice drops of icicles hitting the ground – aren’t we curious to see where they dropped from? The houses grow big downtown – don’t we want to see how far it is till they reach the clouds?

Lies eat most of our time leaving stinky leftovers. We can look where we want and think what we wish – and have it all live with us in the material part of our world just like it is born in our imagination. We will free so much time for ourselves going straight. Of course timeliness and self-respect are the base line. But everything else builds on what is, not on what is not.

And we should constantly remind ourselves we are only students of our own lives. Dreaming needs to be learned to bring the results we really need as compared to what we want. Wanting is the cry of the ego, while need is the inner truth speaking out once we learn to hear it. Wonders come real when the first becomes one with the second – and we regain the consistency we possess but might’ve forgotten about.

So today is the next day of a new beginning, as starts and round-ups are a natural way for staying constant. We live in waves and our job is to make them as fluent as possible – and have them never stop. Spring is the next wave – the aroma of freshness and endless inspiration that come to stay if that is our wish. So I wish. Wish big, deep and continuous.

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